Luxury Gold Therapy

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Luxury Gold Therapy

Gold Therapy that Cleopatra and Yang Guifei, a queen ancient China used has proved its benefit in history. Whith scientifically proved antioxidant effect and its luxurious value, Glod has been admired as the key to youth for a long time.

Historians say that Cleopatra used to apply Golden mask every night to keep her skin young. And Yang Guifei in ancient china, well known for the most beautiful woman in Asia also took advantage of pure gold to make her natural beauty more attractive and conspicuous.

It is also said that in ancient Rome, gold was used as an ointment to treat with various skin problems.

Compendium of Materia Medica, which is an ancient Chinese medical reference book, says that Gold has a great effect on esthetics as it is used as external medication for the inflamed scar and inveterate skin disorders, stimulating blood circulation. However, although its outstanding benefit, it has difficulty in easily penetrating into skin. Because of such a reason, Gold has not been applied actively to Cosmetic treatment.

Luxury Gold Therapy now offers you very unique ingredients and a system to efficiently convey gold to skin.

Gold Sorbefacient – Serum Corrective r-PGA

Despite the outstanding benefits of Gold, it has difficulty in easily penetrating into the skin. That is why Gold has not been applied to Cosmetic treatment in a large range. However, r-PGA’s discovery makes it work.

Electrical conductivity of gamma-PGA in which contains plenty of negative ions induces various minerals holding positive ions and conveys active ingredients deeply into skin. Its property enables negative ions of pure gold to be absorbed deeply into the Dermis layer and finally to combine with positive ions in the body. This stimulates the metabolism of cell structure ability, improving the flow of blood and delaying the aging process. Enriched with vitamins B5, B12, B6, K2, it helps reduce wrinkles on the face. It has an excellent moisturizing capacity which is a maximum of 10 times more effective than a filler for wrinkle treatment.

24K 99.99 Gold Effect

Lifting & Firming → Toxin Draining → Cell Activation → Whitening

Lifting & Firming Gold helps to prevent skin from sagging by preventing the collapse of elastin and collagen,  both of which maintain skin’s firmness. Gold also stimulates the cell growth in the deepest layer of skin, the stratum basal, effecting a skin lift to help your skin look healthy and firmed.
Toxin Draining Fine particles of pure gold remove heavy metals or many other pollutants that cause aging of the skin. Through the ion exchange method, Gold will perfectly draw out even impurities in the pores.
Cell Activation By the help of Gamma PGA that has a moisturizing capacity which is 10 times more than a wrinkle filler, Gold is conveyed to the deepest layer with active ingredients that nourish skin, reduces inflammation, and stimulates nature moisturizing factors (NMF).
Whitening Gold helps diminish the damage caused by UV rays, which darken and discolor the natural skin pigmentation. When absorbed into the basal layer where the melanin cells are activated, Gold inhibits their activity and prevents the hyper pigmentation, or darkening, of the skin, resulting in a brighter skin appearance.



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